Flash and Glow Toys and Autism

1332_ProudToSupport_NAS_Standard_LOGO_CMYK_23Oct13We have many customers at Flash and Glow Toys who are interested in our products in relation to finding sensory resources for people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Products with bright lights, colour, movement and vibration are popular items for a ‘sensory room’ – a space where people with ASD can go and experience either calming or stimulating noises, lights and textures, sometimes within their own home.

The National Autistic Society does excellent work to promote awareness, educate and provide support for families and communities affected by autism. Click [here] for an in-depth explanation of sensory sensitivity among people with ASD, and how this can affect them (or browse the site for a wealth of information on all topics surrounding autism). If you would like to donate to the National Autistic society, click [here] to go to their donations page.